Best Singapore Vegetarian Restaurants [Vegetarian Dishes]

If you are looking for the best Singaporean vegetarian dishes, then this article will give you a great place to start. The city-state of Singapore prides itself on its diversity and there are so many vegetarian friendly restaurants that cater to a wide variety of palates. Vegetarian food is becoming more popular as it provides a healthy, low fat and sugar free alternative to the regular meat and fish based diet. Singaporean dishes that cater to vegetarians include many dishes with rice and such vegetables as yam, beans, broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage. There are also some desserts such as banana shake and ice cream that are loved by vegans and vegetarians alike.

Chines, Thai and Vietnamese

The Chinese culture in Singapore is quite strong and you can find Chinese vegetarian dishes as well as those from other parts of China. Szechuan vegetarian cooking has also gained in popularity and you will find spicy and sour dishes as well as sweet and sour. Vietnamese and Thai vegetarian dishes are also widely available. These cuisines are quite different from Chinese and Indian vegetarian fare and offer unique flavors that vegetarians can appreciate.

Of course, every country has its own unique vegetarian offerings and you can find exotic dishes from all over the world that are well known in Asia. Of course, you need to be careful when it comes to these cuisines as there can be hidden MSG (monosodium glutamate) within the meat as well as the sauce. This can really add up and turn something that is otherwise relatively good into a bad choice.

Most Singaporeans are used to the taste of fruit juice, especially the ones that come out of the fridge. But fruit juices are not the only thing that can be enjoyed without harming the vegetarian diet. Vegetarian dishes can also be made without using fruits and there are some excellent non-vegetarian dishes that are equally tasty. One of my favourites is mango chutney, which is made with dried mango pieces and a hint of chilli sauce.

Holidays Vegetarian Foods

Sometimes you just don’t want to limit yourself to vegetarian foods. If you happen to come back from a holiday and find that you have forgotten your favourite curry or burger, then you can always get your favourite takeaway and have that, along with whatever else you have missed on your visit. This can be a wonderful way to make sure that your diet does not get severely restricted while on holiday. Even if you do not end up eating meat, you will still be able to enjoy the food that is non-meat.

For South Americans, Portuguese and other cultures who have originated from China, India or other parts of Asia, the Chinese veggie soups are well known and popular. You can find them on many restaurant menus and they are usually very healthy too. The same can be said for the Indian curries that can also be enjoyed by vegetarians. These curries are also well known in Singapore as they are made with ingredients like tofu that will not make them heavy on your body.

There are a lot of options out there and if you do not like the taste of something, then you can always ask for it to be prepared with a bit of seafood or chicken meat. Seafood is always popular as it can complement any vegetarian dish and can be used to replace meat or even pork. Many Singaporeans also like to eat chicken meat as well, because they find it to be tasty and also easy to prepare and cook. Of course, this is all about preference, taste and liking. There are no rules when it comes to vegetarian dishes and people from any part of the world can eat what they like as long as it does not hurt others with its consumption.

There are plenty of vegetarian restaurants in Singapore and you can find one easily by looking around. They will usually advertise on the outside of the window and they may also be placed in strategic locations. Look for the ones that are most popular as they may be serving good tasting vegetarian dishes at a cheaper price than the rest. Check out the menus of the various vegetarian restaurants in Singapore first before you decide on which one to go to. This will also help you find the place that offers the most delicious dishes.