Finding the Best Steak in Singapore

The best steak in Singapore is a rare breed, and not necessarily a very expensive one. These days, when costs have come down, the costs of the meats are coming down, and Singaporeans are getting more interested in the cheapest options they can get their hands on. This is why Singapore is becoming an increasingly popular destination for world travellers looking to satisfy their hunger for good steak.

Grilled Tenderloin

A great Singaporean steak dinner or lunch will start with some tangy and sweet salads or fruits before being accompanied by grilled tenderloin or ribeye. You can ask for grilled fish, but you would be wrong to think that this is the only meat on offer. Grilled lamb and beef also taste great. There are also various other interesting side dishes, including a wide selection of noodles and salads. If you are feeling adventurous, you could also try seafood such as oysters, grilled crabapples or octopus.

But the real star of any good Singaporean steak is the flat iron steak. If you are not familiar with them, these steaks come in different cuts and comes flavored with either salt or chili. At first, they may appear to be a bit tough, but the tenderness of the inner part wins over the outside edges, creating a wonderful smokey, charcoal style taste. For best results, it is recommended that you leave the steak on the rack for about 2 hours or until it becomes rare. If you want, you could bake or broil the steak after it has been properly seasoned.

Slab Of Sirloin

Many people are allergic to grilled steaks, and they are perfectly happy with a nice slab of sirloin or rib eye on their plate. While many restaurants claim to have the best steaks in town, the truth is that some of the best steaks in town are just a few steps away from some of the more popular places. For example, you could walk into Madam Tsoi’s (famous for its fiery charbroiled steaks) or Phin Ngan’s (for its wonderful crispy roasted steaks) and have a delicious meal right on your table.

In addition to the top places like Moti Mahal and Moti Zee, there are other great Singaporean steakhouses that serve up some fantastic beef steaks. If you really want to eat well on a budget, you should definitely check out the fresh seafood restaurants in Singapore. Some of the best new restaurants include the likes of Silver Spoon Sushi, Silver Spoon Seafood and the now-famous Zoi Char. These restaurants serve up some of the most delicious seafood dishes in town, and a wonderful way to save money while enjoying a great meal.

New Ubin to Get Great Steak

The best way to get a great tasting steak in Singapore is to head to one of the country’s most popular steakhouses, and that would be the one in New Ubin. New Ubin is located within the industrial area of Clarke Quay and it is one of the newest steakhouses in town, but it already draws locals and tourists alike for its wonderful food and excellent service. At the Ubin steakhouse, you will be treated to a variety of different cuts of steak, along with some tasty Asian favourites like the fried prawns and the all-time favorite zi char. If you really want to treat yourself to some of the best steak in town, try the famous Satay which is made from a spicy mixture of meat and vegetables.

Moti Zee

One of our personal favourites is Malaysian’s favourite steakhouse named Moti Zee. The restaurant serves a variety of steaks and seafood dishes, and one of their best sellers is their ribeye steak, which is marinated in Thai hot spices and then roasted for a crunchy bite. They also have some very good lunch and dinner selections, so if you are looking for something different for lunch or dinner, you will want to make sure to check out this restaurant. Their other entrees are quite good as well, including their Pad Thai and Spam Bar. If you are looking for steaks in Singapore, this is definitely one of the best places to go to.

Although you probably won’t find the best tasting beef and seafood in Singapore, there are several places that serve some fantastic steaks and seafood. Grilling your own meat is a great way to ensure that you get the freshest, highest quality meats available, and you don’t have to wait for a long time to cook up a nice fillet of fish. Most seafood restaurants have an on-site grill, and you can choose to sit down and have a meal right on the grill, or you can order take out or order another dish. If you’re looking for a great steak in Singapore, head to one of the high-quality steakhouses listed here. Whatever style of meat you’re looking for, you will be able to find a restaurant serving the type of meat you’re looking for.